It is known that keeping weight after diet is more difficult than the diet itself. Although many people manage to lose weight with diet, they may have to go on living more fatter than in the past as a result of some nutritional errors.

Can a person who is weakened by diet keep the weight he / she has reached?

Do not starve yourself

People who do not limit food for a long time, who do not condemn themselves to hunger, who have a balanced and balanced diet, who have gained a mobile lifestyle, can survive without restoring the weight lost by diet. “I have a strict diet, I’ve lost weight, now I can go back to my old feeding system,” in the form of those who think that the weight is inevitable to get back quickly.

Over time the body becomes unable to lose weight

During rapid slimming by half-starving, the metabolism is adapted to consuming less energy, which leads to unhealthy weight loss. When less nutrients are taken, naturally less is spent. This is a kind of uzat stretch your foot according to the quilt ’is the equivalent of the phrase. If you have less money, you spend less money trying to survive. So is our body. When we get too little nutrients, we first limit our movements and then direct our organs to work with less energy. At the end of the diet when you start to eat too much energy taken with food, stored as fat. When a person applies a slimming diet again after a while, he will lose weight more slowly and the slimming process will be longer. This is called the ‘weight cycle ve and one day the individual cannot lose the weight gained.

Stay away from Fast Diets

Frequent diet in order to lose weight in a short time is the greatest danger for weight control. It is not possible for a person to become weak again by changing the negative aspects of his feeding habits and making his lifestyle a little more active for a long time.

Key nutrients for weight loss program

For the weight-loss program, we should continue our activities during the diet and do our regular sport. In short, we must maintain the balance between the energy we receive and the energy we spend. Regular paced walking, swimming, cycling, culture should do physics and we can increase our movements in our home and business life.

The main nutrients to be taken for weight loss program can be listed as follows.

Protein foods: Meat, low-fat cheese, boiled eggs.

Foods containing calcium: Light milk and non-skim yogurt.

Bread and cereal products: Foods rich in carbohydrates and B group vitamins.

Vegetable group foods: raw vegetables and salads, vegetable dishes.

Fruit group foods: Many vitamins, minerals and fiber is extremely rich and also contains carbohydrates. We should not exceed 3 servings per day.

Fat: Food should be as low as possible. Fats should be avoided, oil should be used, and also a small amount of dried nuts (nuts, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, etc.) should be consumed.

Sugar and sugary foods: Foods in this group should be consumed as little as possible.

Tips for permanent weight loss
Tips for permanent weight loss