Just doing sports is not enough to melt lower belly fat. The nutritional habits of people have changed in different life conditions. The biggest concern of people who eat too much from unhealthy nutrition is the belly that does not go to whatever it eats.

In the past, people used energy to find food and then eat. In other words, our ancestors would produce as much as they needed and store as much as they would consume. In the morning, the day starts with the sun, breakfast at midnight, lunch and dinner before sunset. And whatever wisdom it is, ‘the moon is coming in summer, wherever I throw my belly’ they have no problems. Here’s what to do for getting Rid of Lower hanging Belly Fat.

Do not have breakfast immediately when you wake up

You have reduced the dessert, you have started sports, you are drinking water, and if that hanging belly is not going, you should plan the day well. When your body gets used to a rhythm, it starts to fuel as soon as it wakes up. Already at night, the body eats from the tank, in the morning because there is no fuel to the tank runs to the belly. The trick here is not to sit at the breakfast table as soon as you wake up, even spend an hour or two. The positive effects of this on insulin resistance are also discussed by the scientific community.

Of course it matters what you eat here. If you wait two hours and eat things like opening or bagels, that belly won’t let you down. Your primary preference should be a healthy meal. Another important point is not to eat without getting hungry. And not to eat dessert just because you want to. You need to stay away from sugar, a close friend of cancer cells.

Do not stay away from healthy fat

The moment you get hungry, you shouldn’t eat anything right away. So hunger should go around the body for a while. Metabolism has to fight a little bit, go to the tank to find fuel. You should keep the feeling of hunger for an hour and then eat if it still persists. You can drink water and something hot before the distraction process. This helps you increase your hunger and burn more fat. If you prefer to eat a solid protein (meat, chicken or legumes), salad and oil (avacado, nuts, olive oil, butter) should be.

The effect of the phone to lose weight

Blue light on the phones creates a jetlag effect. In other words, people who are constantly talking over the phone can confuse the sunset. Therefore, it becomes difficult to fall asleep and the system wraps back to the head is inevitable lubrication. Just like our ancestors, it is best to sleep after a while and get up before the sun. When you apply this program for only one month, if you have a ‘hanging belly’ you can see at least 7-8 inches of thinning in your abdomen. If the abdomen is wider, thinning is more.

Tips for Getting Rid of Lower Belly Fat
Tips for Getting Rid of Lower Belly Fat