One of the first names that comes to mind when talking about horror cinema is undoubtedly Stephen King. Although some prefer not to watch horror movies horror movie sector growing. Film industry to achieve the intimidation of horror movie addicts.

There will be a contest on Stephen King’s films. If you like horror movies, Dish’s application may be for you. Dish, the publishing company, before Halloween, 13 Stephen King film will be able to watch $ 1300 awards will be unafraid.

Dish publishing company in the US issued an announcement for an interesting job position. Dish wants to hire people with a salary of $ 1300 to watch 13 films inspired by Stephen King novels before Halloween.

Dish has no other condition than being 18 years old and being focused on detail in order to follow your experiences. You don’t need any experience to be hired. Your experience of watching 13 movies will be published as social media posts and vlogs.

The $ 1300 awarded Stephen King films are:

  1. Carrie
  2. Children of the Corn
  3. Christine
  4. Creepshow
  5. Cujo
  6. Dreamcatcher
  7. It
  8. The Mist
  9. Pet Sematary
  10. Salem’s Lot
  11. The Shining
  12. Thinner
  13. Misery

While each film is being watched, the thoughts of the audience will be shared by Dish. At the same time, while watching movies, the viewer will be asked to wear a smart wristband to monitor heartbeat and post-sleep sleep.

Dish will give each participant a copy of the films, blankets, flashlights, popcorn, candy and certain gifts (books, etc.) from Stephen King. Participants who can watch 13 films without fear will be given a ticket for the 14th film. The gift ticket can be used for It: Part 2.

Stephen King's 13 most scary movies for Halloween
Stephen King’s 13 most scary movies for Halloween