Orgasm occurs when the sexual pleasure is experienced intensively. During orgasm, the uterus and vagina contract uncontrollably and strongly. We have advised you to have an orgasm.

Being an orgasm is defined as the genital regions of the body responding to these stimuli as a result of intense sexual stimulation of the brain. Women who cannot have an orgasm can imitate orgasm during intercourse because they feel compulsory. Breathing control, orgasm exercises, open communication, foreplay, regular sports and nutrition are very important in order to have an orgasm and live the orgasm phases in a healthy way.

Control Breathing to Help Orgasm

Breath control that helps to orgasm provides control of the soul. In particular, women who cannot ejaculate or have an orgasm before their partner should follow these recommendations: During the relationship, the woman should lie on her back and lift her legs to her partner’s shoulders or shoulder lines and put her hands on her belly to breathe deeply. Breath control is the most effective method to facilitate orgasm.

Be Active While Having Sex To Have Orgasms

If women want to have an orgasm, they should be a little active in making love. The best woman can do this by pushing her hips forward. This means that he has control and can adjust his contraction.

Exercise Your Love Muscles

The pelvic floor muscles called love muscles in the vagina are the guarantee of reaching orgasm. Love muscles need to use actively outside sexual intercourse. When going to the toilet, the pelvic floor muscles at work or sitting should be relaxed as if they were urinating and then contracted as if urinating.

Foreplay Time Should Be Enough For Orgasm

Foreplay is very important in order to have an orgasm or to feel a strong orgasm. After an adequate foreplay; at least as long as foreplay and continuous penetration, ie penis-vagina coexistence and a satisfying orgasm may be experienced. That is, the foreplay time determines the merger time.

Exercise regularly to ease orgasm

It should not be forgotten that doing sports increases sexual desire and prolongs sexual life. So regular exercise makes orgasm easier. It also increases blood pressure leading to sports sexual organs. Sport extends the duration of sexual intercourse for men and the male can stay in the vagina for longer.

Feed Well Powerful Orgasms Live

Leucine, barley, brain, heart, milk, liver, oyster, chickpea, pea, rice, soybeans, wheat extract and wheat found in milk, peanuts, fish, meat, cheese, eggs, peas, soybeans, wheat extract and green vegetables vitamin B1 in flour and yogurt, oysters, green vegetables, mushrooms, wheat B2 vitamin in women’s vagina muscles to create flexibility and mobility helps.

Talk to Your Partner about Orgasm Problems

You should speak clearly with your partner and request what you want in clear language. When you can’t have an orgasm, you don’t have to pretend to have an orgasm.

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