“If you do not use cleanser on your skin it is not possible to talk about skin care

Skin cleansing with water and soap will not degrade the pH balance by drying the skin, nor will it provide sufficient cleansing. No cream or serum used provides sufficient effect on poorly cleansed skin. For these reasons, a good skin cleanser should be indispensable for everyone.

Products that are not suitable for the skin type also cause problems. If you use a very oily product, skin oil and acne formation, if you use a very hard product, skin dryness or tenderness occurs. If you feel tension and discomfort after cleansing the skin, the product is probably not for you.

Cleanser Types


Cream, milk or lotion cleansers: Contains moisturizing agents and vegetable oils. They provide a gentle cleansing without disturbing the skin’s oil structure. They are especially preferred for dry and sensitive skin. These skin types should use products that do not contain perfume, alcohol and harsh detergent. In addition, sensitive skin should prefer hypoallergenic products, even skin test should receive products.

Gel cleaners: As the name suggests, they are gel-like products. Especially suitable for oily and acne skin. It may also have antiseptic or peeling properties. Provides better cleaning of clogged pores by controlling lubrication. In this way, acne formation is reduced.

Foam cleaners: Provides good cleaning by controlling excess lubrication. May be suitable for oily or mixed skin. The product selection in mixed skins should be done by taking the reactions of the skin into consideration.

Clay cleansers: Cleans excess oil and toxins from the skin. Suitable for oily and mixed skin.

Wipe cleaners: They look very practical, don’t they? You should not choose unless you have to. It will not provide adequate cleaning and may cause skin irritation and sensitivity due to alcohol and perfume content.

If you are doing makeup you will need to clean the skin twice. While the first cleaning removes the makeup products from the skin, the second layer cleansing will do the main cleaning of the skin. Morning and evening skin cleansing is required. In evening cleaning, bacteria, dust, dirt, makeup accumulated on the skin should be removed and products to be used at night should be applied. It is a very important period in which the skin is rested and repaired at night. In the meantime, the skin is well cleaned allows it to perform these functions. In the morning, sweat, toxin excretion of the skin should be cleaned again and day products should be used. Morning cleansing can be neglected if your skin is extremely dry and sensitive. In addition, selection should be made considering that the needs of the skin will change during seasonal changes.

In light of this information, we are sure that you will now make your choices much easier.

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How to choose cleanser for your skin type?
How to choose cleanser for your skin type?