By consuming a handful of sour cherries a day you can get rid of edema in your body. Sour and pleasant taste in the mouth, sour cherry is one of the most popular summer fruits. Although it has a short life span, it can be easily consumed by people with diabetes, kidney and kidney disease. Here are the benefits of sour cherry.

Sour cherry is a very rich source of vitamins A, C and E. It is also a fruit that can prevent negative effects that affect the immune system. Anthocyanin, a colorant substance found in red and purple colored fruits and vegetables, shows a very strong antioxidant effect in the fruit it contains. One of these fruits is cherry. There are 60 calories in 100 grams of cherry. Because cherry is a low-sugar fruit, it can be easily used in diets.

Sour Cherry increases quality of sleep

Melatonin hormone is the most important factor in maintaining sleep patterns. It is claimed that even the low level of “melatonin” hormone in the body produces positive results. However, aging causes a decrease in melatonin secretion. Therefore, it is of great importance that melatonin is taken from natural sources. The richest fruit in terms of melatonin is cherry. With this feature, sour cherry is recommended for people who have trouble sleeping.

Sour Cherry
Sour Cherry

Improves infections, prevents cell aging

The anthocyanin in its content gives cherry antioxidant quality. Anthocyanin has anti-aging properties. According to research anthocyanin also helps in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. In addition, the sour cherry has the healing properties of body infections

A handful of sour cherries a day

While water and salt uptake in the body increases in hot weather, edema in the body is one of the most complained subjects. When edema is mentioned, there is a perception about pineapple and parsley consumption. However, cherry is a good edema. Edema problem can be solved if a handful of cherries are consumed daily during the season. In addition, cherry uric acid also provides a reduction. Diabetes patients can safely consume this fruit because the sugar content is low. For kidney patients, cherry is a fruit that can be trusted. Besides, it protects consumers from cancer, heart and vascular diseases. Cherry is also recommended for gout patients.