Using nail polish is indispensable for most women, but waiting for the nail polish to dry as well as for nail polish is seen as a waste of time for most women. We share some suggestions that will allow you to dry your nail polish faster. Don’t forget the inportance of the nail design in makeup and beauty.

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Hair dryer

In many homes, the hair dryer helps to dry our nails as well as drying our hair quickly. You should definitely seek help from an ordinary hair dryer to prevent any deterioration that may occur while you are waiting for your nail polish to dry. You can dry your hair dryer by turning it to the lightest level or cold level without getting too close.

Cold water

After applying nail polish on your nails, keeping your nails under cold water will quickly dry your nail polish. Make sure to keep your nails under the water several more times before your nails are completely dry.


If you don’t have time to put your nail polish under the water, you can put your hands in the freezer of the refrigerator and dry them. But with this method you can cause your hands to cool excessively.


The most commonly used method in nail polish drying is blowing the part of our nail polish. It is very easy and effective to do this while walking around your home or doing any work.

Apply a thinner layer of nail polish

Your nails may not reach the color you want, but if you are in a hurry, applying a thin coat of nail polish will make your nail dry faster and easier.

Baby oil

After applying nail polish to your fingers for 2 minutes to wait for baby oil will dry your nail polish faster. Thus, baby oil will soften your hands.

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Cooking spray

Food spray is a spray that prevents food from sticking to the pan. The oil in the cooking spray will dry your nails faster.

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7 Easy Ways to Dry Your Nails Faster
7 Easy Ways to Dry Your Nails Faster