Diseases sometimes come with big, sometimes silent symptoms. Routine controls are of great importance in detecting diseases related to women’s health. If You want to make sure everything is healthy and in good condition you should do a few simple checks. Here are 6 most important health checks that every woman should do routinely;

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STI test

Sexually transmitted diseases are insidious, easily transmitted through unprotected intercourse and may not show symptoms for a long time. These are not easy to understand without having to test. Therefore, you should have an annual health screening.

Breast examination

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

Women should check their breasts at regular intervals. In this way, if breast cancer is detected before reaching the advanced stages and can be easily started treatment.

Skin control

Regular examination is extremely important for the control of skin cancer before progression. The rate of early detection of skin cancer is higher than other types of cancer because the symptoms caused by the cancer can be seen on the surface of the skin. Of course, new spots and skin flesh on the skin surface should be checked regularly by a doctor.

Eye test

After the age of 40, vision problems increase. To prevent this, you should have at least twice a year tested.

Nail control

Nail melanoma is the most serious life-threatening nail disease, and the majority of melanomas begin in the form of a brown-black line, band that is longitudinally located in the nail. You should pay attention to these. If this happens, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Regular pulse control

Woman Anatomy
Woman Anatomy

Your pulse and heart rate can be a sign of heart problems, an overactive thyroid, or atrial fibrillation. You should therefore constantly check your heart rate and heart rate.

6 Most Important Health Checks for Every Woman
6 Most Important Health Checks for Every Woman